The Australian and Northern Territory Governments are working together to make fundamental and lasting improvement to the lives and opportunities for the residents and visitors of Alice Springs, particularly town camps, and to reduce homelessness. The Alice Springs Transformation Plan (ASTP) was announced in May 2009 and aim to expand social-support services and reduce homelessness through housing and infrastructure upgrades.

Since then the Alice Springs Transformation Plan has completed 196 rebuilds and refurbishments and built 85 new houses across 18 town camps.

In addition to the housing works there has been major infrastructure works across town camps such as Trucking Yards, Hidden Valley and Larapinta Valley. The infrastructure work includes new roads, power, water, sewerage, drainage and street lighting.

Along with the completion of the housing works and infrastructure, new street signs, newly numbered houses and letterboxes are being installed to enable residents to enjoy a regular mail service similar to the rest of Alice Springs.

In 2013 to 2016, the Alice Springs Transformation Plan will see an investment of $13.733 million to continue initiatives to improve life outcomes of Aboriginal residents and visitors in Alice Springs, particularly in town camps and to reduce homelessness through the provision of suitable support services.

These initiatives include: